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Snow Removal & Maintenance Services

Although the primary reason to hire a snow removal expert for your residential or commercial property is to ensure the safety of the public, many cities also have strict bylaws enforcing prompt and proper Snow Removal. Edmonton, for example, has a Community Standards Bylaw, which requires business and homeowners to maintain the walkway in front of their property. Failure to do so can result in hefty fines, and can be harmful to the public, especially those with limited mobility.

Snow Removal Services

Roadbridge Services is proud to offer a variety of local Snow Removal Services and packages to meet the needs of your residential or commercial space. Using the finest equipment, we put your winter snow removal worries to rest. During the winter months, we want to ensure your property is safe for residents, customers, and the general public. Whether you require schedule maintenance of your property, or only when a large winter storm arrives, Roadbridge has you covered. We will ensure your walkways are cleared quickly and effectively.

Snow Removal for Commercial or Residential Parking Lots

Maintaining a parking lot or driveway that can fit multiple vehicles can seem impossible when it comes to Snow Removal. Edmonton lots can be an especially difficult to maintain, seeing as the average yearly snowfall totals around 4 ft over 52 days of the year. That’s like having an inch of snow every Monday of the year!

Keeping your lot free from snow throughout the winter can help to prevent the icy conditions that can lead to hazardous driving and walking for your employees, customers, tenants, and for yourself! This is an avoidable liability that could save you a lot of future stress. Removing the snow, followed by salting or sanding walking paths can help to reduce the amount of accidental and harmful falls on your property.

Moreover, proper snow removal includes moving the mountains of cleared snow from high use areas. Our snow removal experts at Roadbridge will ensure snow piles are in the safest location for your property and those who use it. Removing heaps of snow can also help to reduce the amount of runoff and flooding in the spring. Excess runoff can crack the foundations of buildings, sidewalks, or parking lots, resulting in costly future repairs.

Safe Conditions for Postal Workers

Did you know that Canada Post Postal Workers are not required to deliver mail to buildings with unsafe access? If the path to the front door or mailbox is deemed ‘unsafe’ due to ice or deep snow, your mail service will cease temporarily. This includes both pick up and delivery, for both commercial and residential buildings. Other arrangements can be made to continue mail service, but until the area is deemed ‘safe’, mail will not be delivered to the door or mailbox. Eliminate the worry of delayed mail services by ensuring your property is safe. The path to your mailbox or front desk should be clear of all ice and snow, and should be properly salted or sanded to further protect pedestrians.

Snow Removal Packages

Contact Roadbridge Services at (780) 399-0636 to discuss our Snow Removal options and packages. We will ensure that you will get the package you require and the price that fits into your budget. Eliminate some of your winter woes by allowing us to professionally handle all of your Snow Removal needs.