Looking For a Quote For A Custom Built Garage?

Roadbridge Services Ltd. specializes in working with families to get all required permits for your garage construction project in Edmonton, Alberta. Custom built garages are completed to your requirements and designed to make your life easier, while providing additional storage and a new shelter for your vehicles.  Roadbridge has the expertise you can count on! If your custom garage project requires us to tear down the old one, no problem! Our team is customer services focus and will provide you with a detailed estimate for you to review before you investing a penny! We will do a free on-site visit in Edmonton and provided a time frame for your new garage construction project.

Affordable Custom Built Garages

A custom build garage shouldn’t cost a fortune. Stop being worried about garage construction costs? Contact us for a free on-site estimate to get your free custom quote today!

Your custom built garages will include the complete works:

  • demolition of existing structure
  • environmentally friendly disposal of waste
  • excavation for the new structure
  • site services – sewer, water, gas, power
  • concrete works – concrete grade beam, foundation, concrete floor
  • timber framing for the new structure – wall, roof, door framing
  • shingles, siding, eaves spout draining, and roof
  • windows and door installation
  • drywall and electrical
  • garage door installation (we can even help you with a custom build garage door)
  • garage door setup and testing

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Roadbridge Services will be glad to review and evaluate your current structure requirements for you!

Ready to For a Free Garage Construction Quote?

Already purchase some materials and parts? No, problem! we work with many home garage brands and will be glad to complete the project for you! Roadbridge takes the time to do it right! Contact us to learn how we can help you get a garage built on your lot.  Roadbridge Services Ltd. is a local garage builder in Edmonton, Alberta. Get a quote and a complete solution from a trusted garage contractor and local garage builder.