Bathroom Renovations In Edmonton, Alberta

Bathroom renovations are one of the most common interior improvements homeowners undertake. They present many opportunities to improve or enhance environmental performance and to rid of common bathroom problems. If not properly renovated, you will not only see an increase in water costs but also a moisture increase that can be a catalyst for costly problems in the future. For example, in some homes, the bathroom accounts for 75% of water use. This can be easily fixed by implementing water-efficient fixtures. There are different kinds of bathroom renovations with the most common simply being transforming its look and feel. Keep in mind, however, that when considering your bathroom renovation options, you also have some flexibility in transforming its interior.

Types of Bathroom Renovations

You may be looking to get an environmentally friendly washroom. This type of bathroom renovation would have your initial materials replaced with something that would be low-emissions such as ceramic tile or natural stone for floors, hardwood or sealed particleboard for cabinets, and a solid surface or laminates for countertops. The type of paint would also be taken into account too. To prevent mold growth, moisture resistant materials would also be added to your environmentally friendly bathroom renovations.

An energy efficient bathroom is also a choice homeowners can consider. Where feasible, wall and ceiling insulation will be improved and effective air barriers will be put into place. Cold and hot water pipes will be insulated and low-energy lighting will be put in place to optimize for natural lighting. Essentially, all of your appliances would be transformed to save you a pretty penny on energy costs.

While there is a variety of different bathroom renovations available for you, we consider what would be best for your initial layout and design to transform your bathroom to optimize its functionality and appearance. To get more information on how you can get started, contact us today!