Basement Renovations In Edmonton, Alberta

Basement renovations are often neglected by homeowners. Depending on the type of homeowner you are, you may or may not be putting the valuable space in your basement to good use. In newer homes, basement renovations are easy to put off or left unfinished. However, you should treat your basement just like any other room in the house. In other words, it should be just as important and when renovated properly it can become the most popular room in the house. A basement is like a budding space full of potential to really test your creativity while taking into account the possibility of pipeline and wall restrictions. And when done with the right contractor, your basement can be worth more than what you initially pay for.

Steps To Your Basement Renovations

There are seven major steps to a typical basement renovation. First, there is the framing. In this first step, you build ‘frames’ of the walls of your rooms out of wood and would need a framing gun, an air compressor, and a chop saw. Next is the electrical step. This second step is the most expensive and tedious but if you are able to drill holes and follow basic instructions, you’re already half way there. Past the electrical step, you have the plumbing, an issue that is a piece of cake if you got past the first two.

Now, you’re entering the drywall implementation. Be aware that it’s heavy, dusty, and be prepared to allocate a significant amount of time to finish correctly. Once you’re past the drywall, you can now begin painting and can reduce the time you spend on it by investing in a 12″ roller. After painting, it’s time to get back to learning. This step requires you to learn how to install a door and is a valuable skill you can use all over your house. Lastly, you need to install your flooring which can be hard on your back.

A good basement renovation requires a lot of expertise. Contact us today to see how we implement these seven steps into our practice to ensure that you are getting more than what you pay for.